Standard Operating Procedures for Code Enforcement

Successful businesses and organizations have standard operating procedures and other systems in place. Traditionally, every employee working for an organization has a set of rules to follow as they complete tasks. They may also have instructions that show them exactly how to complete each task. While it may not be considered standard procedures, there isContinue reading “Standard Operating Procedures for Code Enforcement”

The Public Policy of Privatizing Code Enforcement

The concept of privatization of code enforcement has emerged as a potential alternative model to the traditional form of municipal service across the country.  Inarguably a more efficient and cost-effective way to operate government, privatization is the process of allowing the private sector to perform functions of traditional civil service-based government. Privatization is designed toContinue reading “The Public Policy of Privatizing Code Enforcement”

The True Value of Regulatory Enforcement

The next generation of municipal leaders have the responsibility of charting the course for our communities with a vision that includes code enforcement services as an equal partner in the effective management of the quality of life of a community.The time for municipalities to recognize code enforcement as the driver of change in a communityContinue reading “The True Value of Regulatory Enforcement”