Online Learning for Local Government, Professional Organizations and Private Business.

As a passionate educator and advocate for training and continuous improvement, I will argue that there is no substitute for in-person, one-on-one, or small group instruction; but in the age of social distancing it is time for all to become comfortable transitioning to an online learning platform. According to research, 87% of remote team membersContinue reading “Online Learning for Local Government, Professional Organizations and Private Business.”

Hooray! It’s Finally Time to Schedule Your Code Enforcement Training!

In the next few weeks, your leadership team needs to retool processes and have structured debrief sessions. Use this opportunity to acknowledge successes and plan quality Online or In-Person training; MetricONE is your trusted training provider. Courses facilitated by Marcus Kellum are International Code Council (ICC) certified for continuous education units (CEU’s) and designed toContinue reading “Hooray! It’s Finally Time to Schedule Your Code Enforcement Training!”

Are Code Enforcement Officers Paid to Think?

Are you empowered or being “paid to think” at your organization? This concept unfortunately has become patronizing to employees who in some cases discovered they had lots of responsibility and did not truly have authority. There are some local governments that value initiative, creativity and encourage innovation; however, some people wonder what the boundaries are.Continue reading “Are Code Enforcement Officers Paid to Think?”

Principles of Community Code Compliance

Complimentary to preservation and enhancement of physical property is the idea that ordinance enforcement also preserves and enhances community harmony. Relationships between homeowners, the business community, and code regulators are an important part of the health of a community.  The way by which many codes and ordinances are enforced, and the organizational structure of someContinue reading “Principles of Community Code Compliance”

The Current State of “Innovation” in Code Enforcement

If you were asked to number a piece of paper from 1 to 10 and list 10 names of “innovators” in the field of code and regulatory enforcement, I think it would be quite a difficult task. While there are some very knowledgeable and entertaining instructors and teachers with great “war stories,” the same materialContinue reading “The Current State of “Innovation” in Code Enforcement”

The Relationship of Conflict and Power when Enforcing Codes

For the purposes of explaining “power” for a code official, I would like to start by discussing conflict in the regulatory code environment. I will operate from the assumption that “conflict” encountered by code regulators is simply an alternate or opposing view by an individual (or organization) that produces different outcomes affecting a person orContinue reading “The Relationship of Conflict and Power when Enforcing Codes”

Continuous Improvement for your Business and Community

If your community’s comprehensive plan includes neighborhood preservation and redevelopment, or your company’s business plan creates a quality of place for residents; retooling your current delivery of these services is a priority. A new approach will allow greater opportunity to utilize your business to help restore neighborhoods throughout the community you serve and address keyContinue reading “Continuous Improvement for your Business and Community”

A View from The Edge- Code Enforcement and the Plain View Doctrine

If there is any legal concept or practice that is helpful to regulatory inspectors and officers is the Plain View Doctrine. Basically, under the plain view doctrine, if code officials are lawfully in a position from which they view an object, if it is visibly a violation of the locally adopted code or ordinance, theyContinue reading “A View from The Edge- Code Enforcement and the Plain View Doctrine”

Local Government Leadership Post COVID 19 (Part II)

The aftermath of COVID-19 will require leaders and managers of local government organizations to develop progressive emergency management and public policies. Today’s headlines exemplify this fact and proves that the elements of true leadership and civil awareness is no longer a novelty. Some leaders got it right when it mattered; a transparent government organization isContinue reading “Local Government Leadership Post COVID 19 (Part II)”

Local Government Leadership Post COVID 19 (Part I of II)

Never has local government leaders been challenged to perform as much as they have since the COVID 19 pandemic affected their economy and their community. Coronavirus has, in many communities, inspired new industries, created new careers, and revealed incompetence of many local government leaders across the nation. These local governments face a complex and challengingContinue reading “Local Government Leadership Post COVID 19 (Part I of II)”