Quality Professional Consultant Services

Consulting and Notary Services for Businesses, Governments, and
Professional Organizations

Metric One works with local governments to help improve their service delivery in management, operations, and regulatory arenas. With years of experience assisting municipalities and counties throughout the country, Metric One staff will produce high quality, best in class materials that will enhance performance delivery. Additional support services include:   

  • Training Frontline Staff on Service Delivery Enhancement.
  • Developing Strategic Initiatives (technology-based solutions or continuous improvement strategies.)
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Metrics and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s.)
  • Program Development, Project Implementation and Management.
  • Recommending Enhancements to Current Practices that Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Assisting Organizations in Maintaining Regulatory Code Compliance

As a compliance consultant with experience in areas such as property maintenance, zoning, permitting, problem solving, regulatory affairs and risk management; Metric ONE will act as an agent with a body of knowledge expertise that will:

Local Government Consulting

Local governments often encounter internal coordination challenges. The primary mission for local code and community development departments is to abate public nuisances and stabilize neighborhoods.  In older urban communities, the demand for abatement of vacant properties significantly exceeds the capacity of staff and resources. Many places find it difficult to strategically integrate the abatement of vacant properties with other departments that administer rehabilitation resources, housing programs, and long-term land use planning.

 Metric One works with local governments to improve their statutory procedures and administrative processes and avoid management challenges. With years of experience assisting municipalities throughout the country, Metric One will add to the quality of life in your community and help with these important performance needs.

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