Knowing Your True Self and Sharing Knowledge With Others

Photo by Samuel Silitonga

There is a common myth that successful trainers, teachers (or even people who write blogs) are constantly trying to help others discover their life goals. The common thought is that “we” are the ones who have seen the greatest truth–the “enlightened ones.” Well, this notion is false. In fact, many us who choose this path do so for the purposes of therapeutic self expression or we use it as an outlet. Every one of us has the similar ability to pursue our goals, constantly grow, learn from mistakes and get to know our own truth. While some of us can find that niche sooner than others (and even monetize it), some may need help to find the path to their personal destination; that is why developing a “mastermind circle” will help you get there faster.

A mastermind circle is a group of individuals with common goals and interests that surround themselves with each other for the purpose of goal setting, sharing ideas, strategizing, and providing inspiration so each member can more easily reach his or her goal.  One of the most important things a mastermind circle does is provide accountability. The members hold each other accountable to do the things they said they would do.  Mastermind circles can meet or speak as much or as little as the group decides, but successful people will often communicate with their mastermind circle at least weekly.

In Hill Harper’s book, The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place, he thoroughly recommends forming a mastermind circle in order to build self-confidence, success, and all aspects of wealth.  He suggests seeking out people who have similar talents and/or levels of success. 

So I recommend that you engage with the people you know, love or respect in a conversation about lifelong learning. Share what you are thinking and how it is helping you, and develop your personal mastermind circle. Sharing knowledge with the people around you will allow you to resonate on a deeper level; thus you will be able to realize your purpose a lot faster.

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