Online Learning for Local Government, Professional Organizations and Private Business.

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As a passionate educator and advocate for training and continuous improvement, I will argue that there is no substitute for in-person, one-on-one, or small group instruction; but in the age of social distancing it is time for all to become comfortable transitioning to an online learning platform. According to research, 87% of remote team members feel more connected to their team when they can use videoconferencing or online learning. All of Metric ONE training courses, which are International Code Council (ICC) certified for continuous education units (CEU’s), have been modified for online learning and designed to reflect knowledge of how code officials learn best.

While the world is reacting and adapting, companies are asking employees to work and learn from home. Managers and employees both are realizing the challenge to sustain business continuity and ensure a successful continuation of work and service.

Metric ONE classes are traditionally organized into three (3) or six (6) hour instructional segments with a variety of methods used throughout to make the learning experience active, enjoyable, and memorable with a wide range of topics to help you and your organization achieve results. Metric ONE online training classes can lead to improved communication and collaboration, resulting in greater productivity.

I look forward to providing training and consulting services to your team!

Click this link to visit METRIC ONE ONLINE

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