Becoming Agents of Change

A Standards and Codes Academy Two-Day Online Training Event

Whether you’re a planner, code enforcement officer, zoning inspector, building official, plans examiner, regulatory agent or anyone in between, this ICC accredited, two-day Standards and Codes Academy event will deliver inspiration and maybe even spark some new and innovative ideas.

In local government, regulators (inspectors and officers) can be the catalyst for change; these are people who can make things happen by inspiring and influencing others. This Becoming Agents of Change event will promote, champion, enable, and support those who are ready to make changes for themselves and in an organization. A change agent inspires and influences key individuals to make the necessary transformations including attitudes and behaviors.

Scheduled for April 21-22, 2021, this incredible two-day event will provide training and brand new regulatory courses taught by industry leaders and renown trainers. This event is designed to help attendees understand that becoming an agent of change is the new requirement for leadership success. Change management has become a much bigger, more interwoven part of the overall regulatory fabric; it has become an embedded leadership requirement that plays into everything that we do on the field every day, and how we go about getting things done. All code officials must become agents of change. The requirements to be a successful leader have forced many to reinvent themselves to reclaim their relevance; without a strategy, change is merely a concept.

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Pete Roque will be the Master of Ceremonies for this training event, and will act as the event host and moderator.


Session 1 – Wednesday April 21, 2021  Mental Illness and Code EnforcementCecilia Muela-This class will discuss Mental Health tactics in the field, as well as mental health tactics for the Code Enforcement Officer.

Session 2 – Wednesday April 21, 2021  Reclaiming your RelevancyMarcus Kellum-This course is designed to help inspectors and regulatory officials reclaim the relevancy by achieving a level of mastery through a process of continuous improvement of your talents and abilities, combined with an active role in change management both professionally and personally.

Session 3 – Thursday April 22, 2021 A Servant Leadership Mentality- A Code PerspectiveKelvin Beene– This course assists in understanding the importance of the servant leadership model. These strategies will change the culture of your department, division and the identity of your inspectors when embraced by leadership.

Session 4 – Thursday April 22, 2021  Officer Safety and the Guardian MindsetGreg Smith– This class will go over the basics of the Guardian Mindset, Communications Skills, De-escalation Techniques, Safety Culture and Situational Awareness.



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The Two-Day Event Begins

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