2021…Here We Come; Like It or Not!

With a “hopeful uncertainty,” I embrace the new year!

Hopeful because I am just hardwired to focus on the positive and embrace all the positive energy I can gather. After all, despite the “turbulence” experienced during 2020, many old relationships were rekindled, new relationships were forged and the universe “shifted” to reveal a new normal. Tired of that term already? Well, what I actually mean is the events of 2020 changed the way we work; the way we interact with one another; and the things we value (didn’t know how valuable toilet paper was, did you?). As I reminisce on the last 12 months and try to focus on the positive, I see potential opportunity presented to us to make the necessary changes in our lives that will get us through the next phase of “craziness” (whatever that may be).

I am however a bit uncertain because…well, just because!

While It is comforting to know that the upcoming year will be the year of the Metal Ox according to the Chinese zodiac, and that messaging suggests that success will come to those who work hard. If working hard includes getting out of the house more often than I have in last 10 months than I am totally in! But the reality is, we are quite the distance away from “the way it used to be.” Let us take this opportunity to reshape ourselves (literally and figuratively), retool and grow. I implore you all to use this time wisely and focus on what has changed. If you prepare yourself for how your industry will deliver its product or service in the “new economy,” and use this “pit stop” to learn something new or double down on what you already know, you will be super prepared for any new challenges.

With more online classes and training being offered than ever before, it is time to expand your potential and take advantage of learning and training opportunities. Create a plan, establish a budget and get to it!

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.”
T.S. Eliot

Published by Marcus Kellum

Emerging Leader and Consummate Professional.

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