Continuous Improvement for your Business and Community

Photo by Bran Sodre

If your community’s comprehensive plan includes neighborhood preservation and redevelopment, or your company’s business plan creates a quality of place for residents; retooling your current delivery of these services is a priority. A new approach will allow greater opportunity to utilize your business to help restore neighborhoods throughout the community you serve and address key issues pertaining to building, zoning, regulatory enforcement, lodging, operations, property maintenance, and management.

Metric One Training and Consulting can provide your community or business with a new approach that would not only meet immediate citizen and policy concerns but would create a system of service delivery that will result in greater effectiveness and improved business performance. In addition, staff will be trained on best new practices and service delivery techniques and concepts.

A more efficient approach allows for greater flexibility and provides increased operational efficiency and greater customer service. Eliminating redundancies in business operations and ensuring that existing resources are available to provide a wide range of services at a higher rate of speed will increase public confidence in both the residential and business and communities.  

Change is a fundamental component of continuous quality improvement. Any improvement methodology involves introducing change and measuring its impact. Public service and private business operation under Metric One’s delivery strategy will create a streamlined effort that will redefine service delivery and make each function stronger and more effective.

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