Code Enforcement Fairness and Effectiveness

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Code enforcement fairness and effectiveness depends upon community respect and confidence in local government. Community cooperation with code enforcement is a product of its trust that officers will act honestly and the officer, as the public’s initial contact with the enforcement of codes and regulatory standards, must act in a manner that instills such trust. It is really all about integrity, fairness, consistency and impartiality. A program with proper leadership and dedicated staff allows these qualities to be the basis of their efforts.

As a regulator, you should be able to effectively determine a customers (resident) underlying need beyond that which is obvious or initially expressed, and proactively communicate methods to work towards compliance. Regardless of whether the resident lives in a hotel, an apartment, or in a single-family home; people deserve respect and have a right to proper living conditions in all cases. The municipality that is committed to regulatory compliance will be able to control the quality of life of the residents with an effective program that enforces codes and standards.

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