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The Blueprint-Creating and Maintaining an Effective Code Compliance Program

“The Blueprint” class will be a guide for making, maintaining or building a team, a project, or a code enforcement initiative. Attendees will create a template, design or pattern for success that can be followed and used in any local government space. ICC COURSE NUMBER 34329

The Intangibles of Regulatory Enforcement

In code enforcement, there are several aspects of the job that can be considered intangible or unable to be touched, grasped, or not having physical presence. While we have processes and metrics to guide us, there are abstract qualities and attributes of effective code enforcement, and this class is designed to highlight the intangible assets used by code officials that do not appear in an SOP or contained in a policy.

Procedures for Officers and Inspectors

Course # 13155

This class is also approved by the South Carolina Dept. of Labor and Regulation (Course # 052-23-01) and the American Institute of Architects (Course # IC9446a) for CEU’s

Legal, Ethical and Moral Code Enforcement

Course # 15577

This course is available ON DEMAND in a learn at your own pace environment.

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