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Dealing with Regulatory Officials

Hotel, Motel and Apartment Owners
Are you struggling with Code Enforcement, Fire Inspection, Health Inspection, Permitting, Building or Zoning Issues ?

MetricONE provides code enforcement related services based on national best practices, and generally accepted techniques. We assist with the interaction of municipal and local government officials and problem solving solutions that create an honest and candid regulatory environment.

Collaborate with MetricONE for Success!

The key to building successful relationships with regulators is to develop practices and business strategies on maintaining compliance and how to manage regulatory engagements. MetricONE will assist in building optimal success in regulatory interactions, and also prepare organizations to deal with regulatory issues that may impact operations.

Local Government Consulting

Local governments often encounter internal coordination challenges. The primary mission for local code and community development department is to abate public nuisances and stabilize neighborhoods.  In older urban communities, the demand for abatement of vacant properties significantly exceeds the capacity of staff and resources. Many places find it difficult to strategically integrate the abatement of vacant properties with other departments that administer rehabilitation resources, housing programs, and long-term land use planning.

 Metric One works with local governments to improve their statutory procedures and administrative processes and avoid management challenges. With years of experience assisting municipalities throughout the country, Metric One will add to the quality of life in your community and help with these important performance needs.

  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Problem Solving and Coaching
  • Mentoring to build Confidence and Competence

Assisting Organizations in Maintaining Regulatory Code Compliance

As a compliance consultant with experience in areas such as property maintenance, zoning, permitting, problem solving, regulatory affairs and risk management; Marcus Kellum and MetricONE will act as an agent with a body of knowledge expertise that will:

Work with organizations to achieve high goals by providing specialized training programs and customized solutions that are reasonable and affordable.

Advise management on the company’s compliance with laws and regulations through detailed reports.

Create and manage effective action plans in response to audit discoveries and compliance violations.

Audit company procedures, practices, and properties to identify possible weaknesses or risk related to hazards/health and safety issues.

Training & Facilitation Services
Document Review & Affidavits
Expert Witness,  Deposition or Trial Testimony
Feasibility Study
Regulatory Compliance Inspection (Interior/Exterior)
Fire and Building Plan Review

Assess company operations to determine compliance risks, and ensure management is educated on the latest regulations and processes.

Prepare reports and other documents related to regulatory issues and assist with tightening existing controls.

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