Essential Code Enforcement and Zoning Training

Welcome to 2021! I believe this year we will partake on a rewarding learning journey as we continue building management, regulatory, zoning and enforcement skills.

As we kick off this year’s new training offerings, we plan to provide quality continuous education classes and training opportunities. Some of you have already registered for these classes and we look forward to the upcoming sessions; but tell your friends and colleagues that there are still slots available!

The purpose of the Property Maintenance and Housing Class is to provide a framework to assist in creating a comprehensive strategy to combat blight and maintain properties in a community. It is ICC certified for 6.0/0.60 Hours/CEU’s

The Code Compliance and Sign Enforcement course will give code officials the ability to discern aesthetic interests in comparison to the importance of free speech. Join Attorney Brandon Bowen to discuss sign enforcement and maintaining First Amendment rights. this class is ICC certified for 3.0/0.30 Hours/CEU’s

If you are unable to register for these courses, don’t worry; there are plenty more to choose from; just CLICK THIS LINK to see a list of class offerings. Being well trained is not about position or job title; it is about the influence each of us has to impact the people and working environments that surround each of us every day.

We are excited about these offerings and believe each class will be both personally and professionally enriching. As with most things, the more we as individuals invest and embrace the experience; the more powerful it can become for us. We believe every one of you contribute towards the advancement of the code enforcement field and for that, it is important that we endeavor to improve skills and credentials. 

Published by Marcus Kellum

Emerging Leader and Consummate Professional.

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